3D Medical Render

A new website for a new business that produces 3D visualisations of complex anatomical problems from CT scan data. This website automates the entire workflow process. It includes an online request form, online payment system, and automates several stages of communication between the business, patient and their referring doctor.

Arbor Pride

Arbor Pride required a new and reinvigorated website to better target commercial clientele. The new designed involved tailored content pages for each specific target market. The site included a ‘residential wing’ and ‘commercial wing’ with persuasive content and photography for a more meaningful interaction throughout.

Macquarie Medical Imaging

Macquarie Medical Imaging (MMI) required new and reinvigorated website in order to strengthen patient trust, boost digital reputation, solidify MMI’s authority in the medical imaging domain and improve brand identity.

We provided full-service user-experience (UX) research, strategy, interface design and website development. Workshops were conducted to map out the online product and desired user experience, before translating this strategy into a visual interface design that excites and delivers! Working through patient, referrer, researcher, education seeker, and job seeker pain points allowed us to form a beautiful and cohesive user experience that catered for all user groups.


This web design was to solidify the client’s brand values of ‘reliability’, ‘quality’ and ‘personal touch’. By showcasing the business as a long established family firm we produced fantastic first impression for customers, boosted their digital reputation, increased web traffic and customer conversions.
The website experience includes elaborate online claim forms to automate internal processes and provide easy reporting tools for valued customers.

Cessnock Leagues

Cessnock Leagues Club required a website-redesign to reinvigorate their digital presence and better showcase their events. The administration system behind this website includes calendar systems, blogging platform, social media broadcasting, and online magazine management.


A 3D concept visualisation was created Innovasys for a proposed tech hardware product. We also designed and developed a digital capabilities presentation to be used in face-to-face presentations as well as displayed online via the company website.

Dennis Foster

This re-brand and website facelift for Dennis Foster Insurance Brokers aimed to reinvigorate their business image. The logo graphic consists of an abstract “DF” with 3D cube-like illusion. A theme of knowledge and expertise is also revealed through the reference of an opened book. The upward direction/arrow-shape has positive connotations of improvement/growth, and the colours chosen give a vibrant, modern strong demeanour. The website is designed to positively influence online visitors with helpful content, clear company values, sharp selling points and simple design.

Proteus Marine

Proteus Marine Insurance required a user interface design for their client portal which is designed to automate processes such as obtaining quotes, lodging and confirming coverage, looking up status, editing client data etc. The most significant part of the project involved re-designing a lengthy and complicated form to be as easy and user-friendly as possible. The exercise included design an enticing log-in area, intricate quote form, payment area and dashboard for exisiting quotes. This project was done in collaboration with the clients IT provider + development team (3rdmill).

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