ERM Online

We created a fresh brand and interface design for the launch of the new ERM Online product. We provided full-service design, undertaking the re-brand, software user interface design (UI), website design, office decals, stationary and various other marketing materials. This allowed us to form a beautiful and cohesive design experience throughout both the product and marketing.

The logo design is derived from a “Rubik’s cube” analogy – the 3 stacked layers are symbolic of the adaptable interchangeable products/modules that make up the ERM Online platform. The modules have been swivelled into different positions, as a client would do when mapping the ERM Online product to their own organisational needs.

The interface design was produced with ‘usability’ at the forefront of every decision. The process involved wireframing and re-iterating layouts, content structure, colour hierarchies, sizing etc until the most logical and user-friendly design was adopted. We worked alongside an IT company + development team (3rdmill) to devise an interface solution that worked from both a design and development perspective.

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